Poisons advice 24 hours a day

For poisons advice (veterinary professionals only) please call:


020 7188 0200

******Please note this is a subscription service******


For non-urgent admin enquiries please email admin@vpisglobal.com

For all other enquiries please email info@vpisglobal.com

The VPIS is a subscription service for veterinary professionals only.   

Pet owners should contact their local veterinarian.

Don't have a vet? Click here to find your local veterinary practice. 

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95.1% of users stated that VPIS was the only source of information they used to guide the management of their cases.

(statistics based on a survey of 3206 users)

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99.7% of users find the information given by the VPIS to be useful

(statistics based on a survey of 3230 users)

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