Poisons advice 24 hours a day

For poisons advice (veterinary professionals only) please call:


020 7188 0200

******Please note this is a subscription service******


For non-urgent admin enquiries please email admin@vpisglobal.com

For all other enquiries please email info@vpisglobal.com

The VPIS is a subscription service for veterinary professionals only.   

Pet owners should contact their local veterinarian.

Don't have a vet? Click here to find your local veterinary practice. 

Report a case to VPIS

Have you seen an interesting poisoning case in your vet practice that you have not contacted us about? We now have an online questionnaire you can use to share this information.

Please click here to report your case

(Please note: we will not provide veterinary advice on these cases, they are for data/information collection purposes only. However if you do require advice, please call us!)

Alternatively you can also email us a summary of the case: info@vpisglobal.com

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Veterinary Poisons Information Service

  24-hour subscription service for veterinary professionals providing advice on the diagnosis and management of poisoned animals. 


  • 21 years experience of animal specific poisons advice
  • Over 11,500 enquiries answered a year, with a database of over 300,000 past cases.
  • Over 2,200 registered practices from both the UK and abroad.


For poisons advice veterinary professionals should call

020 7188 0200


For admin enquiries please e-mail admin@vpisglobal.com

or call 020 7188 3314 (fax: 020 7188 0700)

For other enquiries, please email info@vpisglobal.com



For  information on our subscription options, please click here or refer to our FAQs page. 

To create a new online account and purchase case credits please click here  (VPIS practice code will be required).   


Pet Owners

If you think your pet has been poisoned please contact your local veterinary practice straight away.  If you do not have a vet then follow this link for contact details of your closest practice.


The 24 Hour ToxBox Service for Vets

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New to the VPIS website

VPIS and RVC Joint CPD Event!

VPIS is pleased to announce a special one-off CPD event for vets and vet nurses in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) to be held on Tuesday 8th July 2014 . The Small Animal Poisonings and Emergency & Critical Care CPD course will be held at the RVC Hawskhead campus. See the programme here; to book a place, contact the RVC CPD Unit or book online here 
Nicotine Toxicity
Following reports in the media of serious and fatal cases of exposure to the liquid in e-cigarettes, both in dogs and humans, VPIS has released a statement informing vets and members of the public. 
Please click here for more information. 
Palm oil poisoning cases
VPIS have received a number of enquiries about dogs eating palm oil which has been washed up on beaches; reports of these poisoning cases have also appeared in the news recently. 

 If you've seen any cases in practice, please help us collect case information by filling out our survey form here.


VPIS and RVC are now working together!

In addition to offering the best poisons advice to its members, VPIS is now providing a seamless referral to the RVC’s Emergency & Critical Care (ECC) service.

Please click here for more information.


Online CPD Modules      

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Vetacademy. Together, we have created a series of online CPD modules covering the most common poisonings in veterinery medicine.

Click here for more information 


ISO Certification 

VPIS has been awarded ISO9001 accreditation for its Veterinary Information Services. This is the international standard for Quality Management Systems.

We constantly strive to ensure we provide the best poisons information and listen carefully to feedback from the profession. ISO9001 is a recognition of how we manage the quality of what we do in order to ensure we deliver excellence in service.